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October 2014


About Us

We are a professional medical magazine, published in the United Kingdom. Our target distribution professional channels Ministry of Health, Medical Schools, Private Hospitals, Private Clinics and Overseas Treatment Authorities.

Our magazine is an international guide for patients and doctors, which provides them with the latest information on where to obtain the treatment and medical services they need. We will focus on the top hospitals and clinics in the world and will be conducting interviews with their doctors and specialists about their work and specialist areas.

We will also offer recent articles on the latest treatments and medical research.

As a magazine, we will rate hospitals, clinics, labs, and the doctors in each specialty and each field. We will also advise patients on where to go in terms of the best medical providers and the best price.

We will guide international medical students on how to enroll in the medical council in Europe and America, and on the best universities to study at.

We will also publish the latest job vacancies in the Middle East.

We would like you to participate in our publication and become a part of our magazine, as well as providing us with an article, photos, and more information about your specialty, the technology and services you offer.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Kind Regards