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October 2014


December 29, 2014

December Editorial

Bridging the Gap:
A Connection Between Patients and Treatments

After the publication of the medical magazine was resumed –and here we are, publishing our second issue – we must say that its first emergence in 2012 was quite similar to its second launching in 2014, with its new appearance and management. Those who placed the magazine’s first building blocks were friends and doctors, famous for their love of specialized journalism. The issues published then were imbued with their honest professionalism, reflecting onto the nature of specialized magazine dealings at that time, as many wrote requests to complete this direly needed experience.
The decision to return and resume publication was issued by a team I had the honor to preside over, and the dawn of our return came in October 2014. But there are many roads that lead us to evaluate what has been accomplished: the October 2014 issue of the magazine had us and the working team happy and satisfied. Even though we do not underestimate or overlook any critic or remark, the content of that issue exhibited a high level of professionalism, and the issue was also characterized by quality production, printing, and paper quality. It garnered praise from everyone that read or flipped through it; the distribution of topics was comprehensive, as put by the experts in that field. 
However, the one question we asked ourselves before asking our friends was: why this magazine? What is its purpose? Is it an academic magazine that disseminates scientific research and sheds the light on the latest developments in medicine, or is it an informational news magazine that serves as a transmitter of the medical corps news made up of doctors, hospitals, and laboratories?
The one answer that fostered a conviction in the need to move forward towards the objective the magazine set for itself and committed to reaching, was the building of a bridge between patients and doctors, and the magazine being an introductory guide for readers, providing them with useful and practical information concerning the latest updates on how to find the appropriate treatment, and about medical services they may need. Therefore, we will focus on the world’s most prominent hospitals and clinics, carry out interviews with their specialized doctors and staffs, and shed the light on their work, their specializations, and the strong points and characteristics of each one of them; this will help Arab patients elect the perfect place to receive their treatment at the hands of competent doctors, in the most successful places.
May God grant us success! 

Fouad Choukeir
        [email protected]
General Manager Editor In Chief